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Li Wei-jen first collection Replica Watches uk of tables. " My collection requires high technical content, not just sell nice on the can. The Patek Philippe Platinum 5015 models, is the only one at the same time with moon phase indication bnlgari replica on order watch , I recently spent a great effort in Hong Kong to find. "discourse could not conceal the excitement. " Collection also pick come about the story, I like to study the history of watch development Longines 1945 this movement, the first two-way automatic, automatic watches development has played a very big role. "He grabbed a piece of the United States Gruen watch, "arch of the case is not unusual, rare is the movement is arched." Li Wei-jen favorite table, the non-Rolex perfectly.

Rolex is the most by the use of the table, my collection of this 1570 movement go best. The Rolex calendar 1803 pairs of blue surface gold shell Blanc Replica Watches gold with 1556 movement, while the release within 1 second jump double calendar. "For automatic movement known as the king of the Rolex 3135 movement, Li Wei-jen said," probably not very beautiful, but practicality really strong. Mentioned clocks keep possession of the concept of possession, he said, "You speak of the half, my own favorite is not easily shot. Well now the bell pushed the price too high, it is outrageous." Collection watches to Li Wei-jen bring the spirit of joy and enjoyment, but also get to know a lot of good friends.

Li Wei-jen over 30 years chopard replica watches of age began to collect bell. "At that time there was a watch repair friends tell me the most valuable leather bell system, I find the whole Shanghai. Time has no concept of collections, the family put two dozen bell, people thought it swiss replica watches uk my business." Li Wei-jen childhood like machinery, initially entered the Shanghai Instrument Factory, Shanghai electric clock factory and later to do the design. "I first started doing antique clock, when the system clock imitation leather and Nanjing clock is more sensation, had one of Japanese tourists to throw away everything with only an imitation of Nanjing clock to return."

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